Alliance Physio Solutions

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About Us

"ALLIANCE" is a growing chain of physiotherapy and rehab clinics, dedicated to delivering the highest standard of patient care."

Alliance is a clinic that focuses on renewing, restoring and regaining function ability through physical therapy, education, preventing and wellness. We will work with you to define your physical-therapy goals and then provide every effort to help you achieve those goals through the restoring function and optimizing physical health. We can help to improve your life for daily activities, exercises and athletic endeavors.

About Us

Our Journey

The Alliance brand with its distinctive logo is a synthesis of human values of trust, ethics and service and quality healthcare. We project clinical excellence, distinctive patient care, transparency in actions & high level of integrity and excellence is all that we do.
Our logo projects these very values. The integration of the hands (in a distinctive ‘green’ with a ‘yellow dot’) and the human figure is completely seamless and is representative of ‘Alliance’ responsive approach to healthcare. The green colour of hands is representative of health, wellbeing, compassion, nurturing and generosity while the yellow dot gives an immediate association to our Indian roots, while it is also represents energy, spirituality, courage and symbol of good luck.

At Alliance we intrinsically believe that excellence is a not a destination – but a journey.