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Sports and Events Services

The team of experienced physiotherapists at Alliance are passionate about providing care and support for local schools for sports days, Any organisations, sports teams or individual athletes looking for sports therapy related consultation, collaborations.

If you look for preventing or you already have had sport injuries - if your team wants someone who can provide pitchside / on-field therapy support, daily injury prevention training, sport massage and stretching, taping, and sport-specific conditioning.

If your rehab clinic treat sports people but you want someone with more knowledge in strength and conditioning, and sport performance etc...

If your fitness centre is rehabilitation orientated for injuries prevention or advanced rehabilitation for preparing the return to sports

Make an appointment to come down to Alliance Physio Solutions Evolution High Performance Academy today and let us help you improve your times.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment then please call 079 - 40030844 or email

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