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Spasticity Assessment

What is Spasticity Assessment?

Spasticity is one of the signs indicating damage of upper motor neurone system on spinal or cerebral level. It may cause disability in numerous neuro- logical conditions such as cerebral paresis, multiple sclerosis, brain injury and spinal cord injury.

Aims of Spasticity Assessment :

When the patient presents a pattern of spasticity that implies on functional or postural loss, management of spasticity must be considered within a progressive approach – from the most conservative to the most invasive therapy. The aims of treatment should be the following:

i. Improve function - mobility, dexterity
ii. Symptom relief
iii. Postural - body image
iv. Decrease care burden - care and hygiene, positioning, dressing
v. Optimize service responses - to avoid unnecessary treatments, facilitate other therapy, delay/prevent surgery.

Patient & Attendant Responsibilities