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Posture Assessment

What is Posture Assessment?

Posture validation, or posture assessment, refers to the act of applying a set of rules to the posture data to provide an assessment (posture token) of the level of trust that you can place in that endpoint. The posture token is one of the conditions in the authorization rules for network access.

How do I know if I need a Postural Assessment?

Perfect posture is essential for everyone but even more for athletes – the more athletic that you are the more you need good alignment. You should consider going through a postural assessment if you can say ‘YES!’ to any of the following:
i. You might feel like you have tried everything possible without relief.
ii. You have pain, discomfort, weakness, tight muscles, or feel twisted somehow. You have re-occuring injuries.
iii. You’re aware of your slouched position. You want to be functional, strong and pain free for life and sport.
iv. You’ve been told you need surgery or have had surgery.
v. You’re an athlete wanting to improve your sport performance.
vi. You have pain and can’t play your sport.
vii. You’re a mum, dad or grandparent wanting to play with your children or grandkids as they get older.

What happens after the assessment?

The training begins! Creating new neural pathways is key. Simple things like learning to hold body position in sitting and standing is essential. This is followed by learning highly-skilled exercises that are unique to your own imbalances. The correct exercises are determined from your assessment.

A various mixture of myofascial stretching, spinal decompressions, spinal stability and functional movement patterns are taught and evolved over time to make you flexible, mobile, strong and connected to do the things you love without pain and dysfunction.

If you’re interested in a postural assessment, contact us for more information.

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