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Post Operative Rehabilitation

Alliance brings together therapists and surgeons under one roof with the ultimate goal of achieving high patient post operative rehabilitation. All the doctors on our panel strive to deliver world –class post operative rehabilitation - medical care to recuperate the patients at the earliest.

After the Surgery

After you have undergone a surgery it will take, few days for your wounds to heal. Once the tissue healing starts you will want to get as much movement back as you can, and at Alliance, our physiotherapists help at the very early stages to do this by giving you movement exercises to do at home. The next stage is to restore as much strength to the area, for the joint to function well. This can take some time and everyone will progress at their own rate, our physiotherapists take full enthusiasm to lead and encourage you to fitness.

Decided for a Joint Surgery

When you know that you will be going ahead with a joint surgical procedure, consult our physiotherapists who will assess you and give you advice specific to your condition . Post your surgery you can initiate the process of your rehabilitation. It is preferable to start the process as soon as you are able to, to achieve best post operative patient results . We can help with post-operative rehabilitation in the following cases:
• Hip replacement
• Hip resurfacing
• Knee replacement (full and partial)
• ACL reconstruction
• Sub-acromial decompression
• After a fracture
• Any surgery that is limiting movement of the joint.

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