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Post Traumatic Rehabilitation

Physiotherapists treat disorders of movement where muscles, tissues, nerves, bones and joints are affected. These disorders may be caused by injury, disease or surgery. At Alliance, we treat sports injuries, neck and back pain, shoulder, knee and other joint conditions, strains and sprains. We also help with rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery such as ACL reconstruction, tendon repairs and back surgery. Dedicated to providing quality life care for those who have suffered a trauma/ injury, individually tailors rehabilitation programs for individual patients.

From initial in-hospital support to rehabilitation and support program, Primus physiotherapy and rehabilitation center provides the best for your rehabilitation process. Post trauma rehabilitation Services provide patients with the most effective co-ordination of care. All specialists and therapists are sensitively selected to match individual needs.

Our Objective

Our objective is to help you achieve maximum physical function and mobility so you can get back to sport, work and everyday activities as soon as possible. Early treatment means you recover faster and more completely with fewer recurrences. We use assessments, manual hands-on techniques, soft tissue massage, exercise prescription and electrotherapy machines to facilitate your recovery and promote good physical health and well-being.

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