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Neurological Physio Solutions

Team Alliance provides specialist treatment for neurological conditions, amongst others, in a purpose built rehabilitation. Each patient is given a full assessment of its condition , which is the key to providing a treatment plan tailored to individual needs. Our treatment Plan will assist you to improve mobility and functional independence. For conditions such as Peripheral neuropathy, Wrist drop, Foot drop, Diabetic neuropathy, Polyneuropathy, Loss of sensation, Neurological bladders, Spasticity, Balance disorders, Myopathy etc..., we encourage patients to focus on re-learning movements and sensations that have been lost.

Our Objective

Our objective is to help you achieve maximum physical function and mobility so you can get back to sport, work and everyday activities as soon as possible. Early treatment means you recover faster and more completely with fewer recurrences. We use assessments, manual hands-on techniques, soft tissue massage, exercise prescription and electrotherapy machines to facilitate your recovery and promote good physical health and well-being.

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