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Neurokinetic Therapy

We Move differently when we are in pain…

You may not have even noticed, but when we are experiencing chronic pain we adapt the way we move in order to protect what hurts, and to reduce our pain levels. In the short term, this may appear beneficial, but in the long run there are many consequences.

Whilst we are “protecting” our painful area we are inadvertently putting more stress and pressure on other areas of the body. This compensation in turn becomes adaptation, and the brain can modify our way of moving in order to contribute to protect against pain. With this sustained adaptation comes an altered state of biomechanics, muscular dysfunction and… Even more pain!

How can we help YOU?

Here at Alliance, we use Neurokinetic Therapy to help you heal from chronic pain and dysfunction. Neurokinetic Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that addresses the cause of your pain, treating the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. This is done through muscle & movement testing and assessments, Integrated Manual Therapy (which includes a number of different therapy and bodywork approaches) and Corrective Exercise. We like to view the body as a whole unit, and so our treatments differ in that we don’t just look at bones, muscles and ligaments. We also look to neurology to find the causes of imbalance and dysfunction.

Using NKT, we find the patterns of compensation as well as which muscles are holding them together. We then work with you to re-activate the correct patterns in order to enable the brain to rid itself of the “learnt” dysfunctional patterns and return movement to natural function.

This reactivation uses the Cerebellum, the region of the brain that plays an important role in motor control. Changing the patterns stored in the cerebellum allows the brain to send new messages to your muscles and nerves, bringing you back to a more balanced, relaxed and pain free way of being.

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