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Dr. K.M. Annamalai

Dr. K.M. Annamalai

Director, Alliance Physio Solutions,
M.P.T (Cardio-Resp.), MIAP, Member of HPC, U.K.
ISCP (Ireland), ACLS (AHA), Applied Ergonomist,
H.O.D. - Department of Physiotherapy, Apollo Hospitals Internationals Ltd., Ahmedabad.

Dr. K.M. Annamalai is the director of ALLIANCE, working exclusively on critical care and kinesiology rehabilitation in various hospitals. He aims to impart comprehensive ideas of rehab which he learns through his experiences and based on EBP. He strives to tailor each patients physical therapy program to their specific needs in order to better quality of life.

He is the member of Health Professional Council U.K. since 8 years and ISCP (IRELAND) and Practitioner in India. Teaching faculty of various institute, trained hydrotherapist visiting ergonomist of various corporate.

Treating patients presenting with variety of critical care illness in secondary and terital care units and home based rehabilitation. Working along with NGO's and CBR for community awareness regarding physiotherapy. He and his team approaches are highly credible and widely accepted in USA / AUSTRALIA / EUROPE and method of treatment are most lively and time tested.

He is the founder of K-CAT which is a technique consists of rootcause analysis, compensation disintegration, dysfunction of fascial structures through evidence informed practices. He has undergone various world class training with legends of fascial work, He has developed the technique with his understanding and skills acquired from the different parts of the world along with patients clinical outcomes of his own works.