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The Secret to Increasing Your Height

Do you find yourself getting shorter with age? As you age, your vertebral discs lose height, causing you to shrink up to ½ an inch or more. It’s just natural. However, what’s not natural is losing height due to poor posture. This can happen at any age, depending on how sedentary your lifestyle is, injuries or diseases. The rounding of your upper back is called thoracic kyphosis. In adults with low activity levels, low bone density, injury or even genetic predisposition, thoracic kyphosis can be quite pronounced.

Excessive thoracic kyphosis puts you at higher risk for spinal fractures, neck pain, low back pain, breathing difficulties and even digestive problems. The good news is that by restoring your posture, you can increase your height and improve the way you look in a relatively short period of time. The secret to success is doing the right kind of exercises to stretch and strengthen the spine. Furthermore, special hands-on techniques performed by a physical therapist can improve your spinal movement and alignment.

Being taller can be as simple as improving your posture. This leads to many health benefits and the elimination of most neck and back aches. Find out how we can help you improve your posture and spinal mobility by calling and speaking to one of our physical therapists today.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Bones

Bones change in their density all the time. Calcium is constantly being laid down and taken up by the bone cells on a daily basis. Bone growth is dependent on the amount of force and stress placed on the bones. This is why astronauts who are weightless lose a substantial amount of their bone mass in just a couple of weeks. Here is what you can do to ensure your bones are healthy and strong:

>> Balance your calcium and magnesium intake
>> Do weight bearing exercises regularly
>> Do strengthening exercises
>> Perform extension exercises for your spine
>> Learn good posture techniques

Having strong bones and a tall posture will help you feel your best and your body to work like it should. If you find yourself hunching over, suffering from occasional back pain or neck pain, living with osteoporosis or just wanting to feel healthier, call and speak to one of our expert physical therapists today. Your bones and spine will thank you!

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We can able to provide you a comprehensive solution for your increasing height before the age of 21. In some exceptional cases we can try to increase it even after the age of 21. Our solution based on evidence based and time tested.

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