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Gait Problems

What are they?

A gait problem is an umbrella term used to describe problems of walking pattern which may be caused by a number of different factors. When a child is around three-years old their walking pattern starts to resemble that of an adult. Many parents become concerned that their child’s gait is abnormal, although very often it is age appropriate or corrects itself without any help. However, if you have any concerns about the way your child walks, contact Alliance for a physiotherapy assessment. We will be able to provide reassurance, exercises or onward referral.

Types of common gait problems in adults:

Antalgic gait: limping caused by pain that appears or worsens when bearing weight on one limb, due to injury, disease, or other painful conditions Charlie Chaplin gait: occurs in tibial torsion. Circumduction gait: occurs in hemiplegia Waddling gait: occurs in bilateral congenital hip dislocation High stepping gait: occurs in foot drop Scissor gait: occurs in cerebral palsy Stiff hip gait: occurs in ankylosis of the hip Trendelenburg gait: occurs in unstable hip due to congenital dislocation of hip, gluteus medius muscle weakness

What we can do

If you have any concerns about Gaits, contact Alliance for a physiotherapy assessment. We will be able to provide reassurance and solutions for your abnormal Gaits in the form of Therapeutic Exercise Training.

The physiotherapists at Alliance are experienced in musculoskeletal assessment and help to establish reasons behind types of gait problem such as muscle imbalance, tightness or weakness and joint stiffness.

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