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Flat Feet

What are they?

Pes Planus (also known as flat feet or fallen arches), is a condition where the arch of the foot either fails to develop or collapses. Most feet have an arch on the medial side of the foot, however some children have a flattened arch. This means that the inside surface of the foot is in contact with the floor when standing causing “flat feet”...

At Alliance we commonly see children with flat feet and on most occasions advice on shoe wear is sufficient. In some children, specifically those with hypermobility or hypotonia further advice may be necessary. We can, upon assessment determine whether ongoing therapy is necessary, assist with treatment plans.

What causes Flat Feet ?

The arch in the foot normally develops between the ages of 3 and 6 as a baby’s fat pad is gradually absorbed and balance improves as skilled movements are acquired. In some children, however, the arch fails to develop. Tis may be the result of tightness in the calf muscles, hypermobility in the ligaments of the foot and ankle; poor stability in other areas, such as around the knees and hips.

What are the effects of Flat Feet?

flat feet are asymptomatic and of no concern. However, over time flat feet may lead to an altered walking pattern; clumsiness; limping after long walks; and pain in the foot, knees or hips. It is therefore important that appropriate treatment commences as early as possible. Occasionally very young children with hypermobility may present with significant rolling in of their feet and this may affect the acquisition of walking.

What we do?

Physiotherapy can help to reduce the problems associated with flat feet by:
i. We are exclusively specialised in creating arches for flat foot with a permanent solutions.
ii. We don't use any orthotics.
iii. We have a specialised assessment methods.
iv. We train the foot with tailored protocoals with guaranteed outcomes.
v. We can create arches of various age groups varying from 6 to 50 years.
vi. We are the market leaders with our own innovative ideas of K-CAT and Naked Foot methods forqtreat Flat Foot.
vii. Already we have produced enough number of arches of our clients permanently.

Are you suffering from Flat Feet