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Fitness Assessment

What is Fitness Assessment?

The Fitness Assessment which broaden your understanding of your personal health and fitness goals while providing baseline measurements of your current endurance, strength, flexibility and coordination. Monitor your progress by getting a free Fitness Assessment twice a semester, about once every 6 weeks!

Benefits of a Fitness Assessment:

i. Obtain scientific baseline measurements of your fitness levels
ii. Learn how your movement patterns contribute to your exercise routine and daily life
iii. Develop a personal awareness of your physical health
iv. Establish attainable goals and maintain accountability
v. Identify limitations that could potentially put you at a risk of injury
vi. Increase your self-awareness and self-confidence in any fitness environment

We offer three unique Fitness Assessments, each based on your unique goals and Movement Style:

Health & Wellness

i. Discover how to utilize exercise to enhance your quality of life.
ii. Measure balance, posture and biomechanical functions.
iii. Increase your self-confidence in any workout environment.


i. Measure strength via 5 rep maximum testing (Chest Press and Leg Press).
ii. Perform core, upper and lower body strength-endurance tests.
iii. Learn how your programming can positively affect your strength-building exercise programming.

Athletic Performance

i. Measure your speed, agility and quickness using advanced, proven techniques.
ii. Discover your power and explosiveness in sport-specific situations.
iii. Obtain baseline measurements that directly apply to your favorite sports on the field.

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