Alliance Physio Solutions

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We Alliance Professional Ergonomic, Injury Prevention & Safety Experts committed to reducing injury risk

We Alliance Ergonomist, Injury Prevention & Safety Consulting & Training Firm that has been providing Indian companies with practical ergonomic and injury prevention solutions for over 15 years.

We educate and certified Workplace Ergonomic Professionals with extensive expertise in Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention, Ergonomic Assessments, Physical & Cognitive Demands Assessments, Injury Management, Ergonomic Return to Work Assessments, Ergonomic Accommodation & Job Suitability Assessments, Pre-employment Screening, and Occupational Health, Safety & Hygiene.

Our Services are:

Office Ergonomics

Ergonomic solutions for every computer workstation in your office. We educate, adjust workstations and recommend ergonomic improvements to reduce injury risk and improve employee comfort.


Assess, improve and manage overuse injuries with effective, proactive and practical ergonomic processes, designs and strategies for your workplace.

The Service Sector

Healthcare, education, retail, government and service industries benefit from ERGO Inc.’s workplace specific ergonomic solutions and training programs.

Our products are:

i. Long and Short term workshops
ii. Awareness camps
iii. Workplace Assessment and Solutions
iv. Musculoskeletal injury prevention
v. Providing physiotherapy and fitness services inside the client's campus

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