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Brain & Spine Injury

What is it?

Brain & Spine injury is a general term used to describe damage to the brain & Spine, and may be caused by hereditary, congenital or degenerative factors. Injury to the brain & Spine can also be acquired after birth through infection, accident or trauma, in which case it may be referred to as acquired brain & spine injury or traumatic brain & spine injury. It is the leading cause of acquired disability in children and young adults.

What are the effects of brain & spine injury ?

The effects of brain & spine injury, vary enormously according to the type, size, severity and location of the area of damage. It may affect physical and cognitive abilities as well as speech, hearing, vision, behaviour and learning skills. Some problems will be immediately obvious whilst others do not become apparent until the child is older. Some common effects of brain injury include:

i.Physical problems including impaired movement, abnormal muscle tone, poor balance, fatigue and mobility problems
ii. Cognitive problems such as poor memory, concentration, and organisational skills
iii. Behavioural problems such as aggression, irritability, impulsivity and inappropriate behaviour
iv. Epilepsy, headaches and depression

What we do?

We understand that the effects of brain injury can be devastating and traumatic. At Alliance we have a team of specialist Neuro physiotherapists who can provide assessment and treatment for you in order to maximise their potential and improve quality of life following their brain & spine injury.

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