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Back Pain

What is it?

Back Pain is a condition that in the past has most commonly been associated with adults; however, changes in our community’s lifestyle mean that more and more children and adolescents are reporting discomfort in their backs.

What causes back pain?

There are many common causes of back pain in children and these include daily habits and activities. Some contributing factors are :

School Bags: especially when they are carried incorrectly, are too heavy, or are poorly designed. Ask our physiotherapist for advice on the best school bags and how to pack them properly.

Posture: for example ‘slouching’, slumping and asymmetry. Poor posture can lead to pain reduced concentration, fatigue and reduced confidence. Our physiotherapists will be able to assess you and provide exercises to address any muscle imbalance that may be making it difficult to keep a good posture.

Sitting: for too long or on the wrong furniture. Our physiotherapist will advise you about sitting postures and positioning of equipment, such as computers.

Exercise: not taking enough, or using the wrong techniques can cause muscle pulls or ligament strains, resulting in back pain. Physiotherapy techniques can promote healing and return to function.

Diet: too much junk food will cause weight gain, which places extra stress on the body and does not provide the body with the necessary nutrients for healthy bones and joints.

Growing up: Periods of rapid growth can cause back problems. Physiotherapy exercises can often help address any muscle imbalance associated with growth.

What we do?

If your back pain does not settle, then an assessment by a physiotherapist at Allaince may be warranted. Our team of physiotherapists can provide a thorough assessment of your symptoms in order to establish the potential reason for the pain and its solutions. They treat you and guide you to the right ergonomics to prevent further.

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