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Ante Natal & Post Natal Physiotherapy

At Alliance, physiotherapists with a special interest in women's health assist with various musculoskeletal changes that occur due to child-bearing. Basic antenatal or postnatal exercise programs are specially tailored made for each women.

A pregnant woman undergoes various changes in her body , including her skeletal system. During her child bearing period, the women makes postural changes in order to balance her body weight and her growing womb. This causes numerous joint pains & aches, making her child bearing experience exhausting. We at primus understand how important this occasion is in anybody’s life. The course of welcoming a new member should be pleasant. Hence to make this journey more convenient for you, our Primus Physiotherapist have designed a Ante Natal & Post Natal physiotherapy Programs for all mothers.

Ante Natal & Post Natal services include


• Low and mid back pain
• Sacro-Iliac Joint pain
• Pubic Symphysis pain
• Piriformis muscle spasm
• Difficulty/pain with movement
• Rectus diastasis (abdominal bulging)
• Bladder control problems or constipation/straining
• Carpal tunnel symptoms


• Low and mid back pain
• Back, shoulder and neck pain
• SIJ, pubic symphysis or piriformis pain
• Rectus Diastasis
• Abdominal bulging during movement
• Post caesarean pain (after healing)
• Perineal pain and discomfort
• Bladder/bowel control difficulties and constipation/straining

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